About Inspire

Inspire is an engineering startup and a University of Genoa spin-off founded in mid-2017. The Inspire team includes entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and professors with huge experience in the areas of modern control systems, microelectronics, information technology and telecommunications. Inspire patented and developed M.A.R.S. (Multiple Airdrones Response System) a revolutionary platform that converts drones into true autonomous systems, enabling the continuity of service for virtually never-ending missions. It is powered by proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms and multi innovative robotic solutions. Flexible, scalable and suitable for all scenarios, M.A.R.S. is the ideal solution for organizations looking for real autonomous drone systems.


Marco Ghio

Chief Executive Officer and creator of the various registered patents of the M.A.R.S. project. Computer engineer with specialization in the field of industrial automation and robotics, author of numerous national and international patents, owns skills ranging in the fields of microelectronics, industrial automation and low-power miniaturized sensors. He has significant managerial experience in administration of innovative companies and start-ups.

Paola Castagno

Chief Technology Officer in charge of the technical development of the platform. Computer and electronic engineer with specialization in the fields of hi-tech sensors, industrial automation and robotics, author of numerous national and international patents, owns skills ranging in the fields of optic, physic, microelectronics, complex project management and industrial automation. She has significant managerial experience in administration of innovative companies and start-ups.

Daniele Caviglia

Full Professor of Electronics at the Department of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Genoa. His research interests regard systems for telecommunications, electronic equipment for health and safety, and energy harvesting techniques for IoT applications. He is also active in the development of innovative solutions for environmental monitoring applied to the field of real-time rainfall detection.

Andrea Cuneo

Lead Solution Engineer with six years of experience in architecture design of cloud SaaS projects and products.
Four years of project management and development team lead. Senior software engineer with twelve years of commercial hands on development experience spanning web technologies, cloud technologies, system architecture, industrial automation engineer and security engineering.

Elena Ausonio

She graduated with a Master degree in Building and Architecture engineering (2017) and did some research in geomatics, photogrammetry and digital numerical cartography within “Laboratorio Geomatica” (UNIGE). From 2018, she is a Ph.D. Student in Mathematical and Simulation Engineering at DIME and has an APR Pilot Certificate (VL/Mc Basic). Elena speaks English and French fluently, she is open minded and eager to build positive relationships.

Tommaso Lanza

Mechanical engineer specialized in mechatronics. Focus on product design and system simulation for MARS project. Skills on industrial robotics, automation, CAD, CAM, CAE and simulation of multyphisics systems.

Mirko Shtylla

Intern involved in the study of precision landing solutions. Electronic engineer specialized in the field of microelectronics, sensors and embedded systems. He graduated with a thesis held at “Inspire S.r.l.” focused on Real Time Kinematics modules integrated on drones. He is now studying at the company alternative solutions for the precision landing topic focused on the use of other electronic sensors.

Patrizia Bagnerini

Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical
Engineering of the University of Genoa. The research work focuses on the approximation and control of problems related to partial differential equations in different fields such as front propagation, wildland fire models and biological applications. Her collaboration with Inspire mainly concerns algorithms for managing and scheduling drones, fire propagation models and neural networks.

Paolo Bonci

Manager with paramount international experience in industry and service business, matured in the role of branch executive officer and VP roles. Competencies in commercial negotiations, engineering, construction & project management of industrial plants, and in risk management. Worked in the USA for more than four years and in South Africa for one and half years before moving to China for three years.

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