A Breaktrough Drones Platform

The Multiple Airdrones Response System platform (M.A.R.S.) is an innovative system that converts any drone into a truly 24 hours autonomous device. It unleashes the true continuity of service extending virtually never-ending flight missions by automatically replacing battery and payload in few seconds. Thanks to proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, the M.A.R.S. platform can easily schedule drones swarm landing order in order to manage battery and payload instant replacement.

Data link range:unilimited (LTE)
Battery swapin <2min
Payload swapin <2min
Automatic liquid refill of tank payload(from external tank)
Liquid tank Payload5lt
IP Rating:IP65
Op. Temp:-20/+65 °C
  • Drone with fixed gimbal (only battery replacement).
  • Agriculture drone with interchangeable tank and sprayer.
  • Built-in generator for continuous power.
  • Auto-pause for unsafe weather; resumes post-clearance.
  • Custom avionics for semi-autonomous missions.
  • Auto “pit-stop” for battery or liquid refill; auto-resume.
  • Onboard server with remote WebApp control.
  • Auto battery recharge (6 slots for 24/7 operation).
  • Fits Ford F150 pickup truck for transport.

Patented Technology

The M.A.R.S. platform is a patented solution concerning the creation of a coordinated system of control and support units for drones. Such support units can have the shape and size of a common container and can be easily moved by using common road tractors or equivalent vehicles. A study developed in collaboration with the University of Genoa shows that a swarm of drones sent to the area of the fire would be able to generate the equivalent of a continuous rain.