Inspire actively collaborates with the National Research Council (CNR INM Genoa) and the University of Genoa to develop new technical and scientific solutions, published in the following papers :

A. Sassu, P. Bagnerini , D. Caviglia, F. Gambella, and M. Ghio, Comparison between an in-flight drone refueling platform and ground-based vehicles for plant protection product distribution in precision agriculture, pending review, 2023.

The purpose of this work is to evaluate the effectiveness of plant protection product distribution in precision agriculture using drones managed and refueled by a robotic platform that ensures continuity of action through in-flight refueling.

E. Ausonio, P. Bagnerini, M. Gaggero, A MILP Formulation and a Metaheuristic Approach for the Scheduling of Drone Landings and Payload Changes on an Automatic Platform, Proceedings of International Conf. on Optimization and Decision Science, ODS 2022, Florence, 2022.

It concerns a mixed-integer linear programming formulation and a meta-heuristic approach to schedule the arrival of a platform of a set of unmanned aerial vehicles collaborating to achieve specified mission objectives. Numerical results show the effectiveness of the metaheuristic algorithm as a compromise between accuracy of suboptimal solutions and computational effort.

E. Ausonio, P. Bagnerini, M. Gaggero, Scheduling Landing and Payload Switch of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on a Single Automatic Platform, Proceedings of IEEE International Conf. on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2022, Mexico City, 499-504, 2022.

It treats the scheduling of a swarms of drones that cooperate to complete monitoring applications or other tasks requiring an efficient managing of the UAV platform in a resource-constrained environment.


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