Continuity of Service

The automatic battery replacement/recharge system and fractionable payload enables the drone continuity of service. Battery pack and payload are made independent and decoupled from the main structure of the drone. The used battery pack is moved in an automatic way and inserted into an intelligent recharging. The platform is designed as a hub of cartridges that are easily handled and it is equipped with an external power supply socket.

Continuous operations

Fast Pit Stop

24/7 Operational

Fractionable Payload

Efficiency and precision

The M.A.R.S. platform is a completely autonomous system able to enable multipurpose and multi role missions. All the principal functions for the optimal use of UAVs are available in a single device, including transport, storage, maintenance recharging, precision take-off and landing, immediate payload replacement and hand-over between several platforms located on the territory. Like an aircraft carrier, M.A.R.S. makes possible to project the operational capacity of the drones in the most varied missions.

Easy to relocate

Multipurpose mission

Multiple platforms

Precision landing and take off

The management and autonomous planning of landing/take-off of drones associated to a single platform is regulated by a Dynamic Scheduling System (DSS). It is a state-based software system that links multiple platforms together and schedules the limited resources available. As in the case of aircraft carriers, it decides the priorities of take-off, landing, charging, and all necessary tasks. Integration of RTK system allows MS 2500 to achieve centimeter precision landing, reaching the platform in any working condition.

RTK Positioning

Automatic centering

Dynamic scheduling

Wildland Fire

Wildfires are a very important problem for the environment. Traditional aerial firefighting devices have some limitations about night-time usage, automation, no rain effects. The M.A.R.S. platform is specially designed to overcome all these limitations carry out missions for dropping the right quantities of retardant liquid precisely on the fire target preventing the front from expanding. It has the shape and size of a common container and can be easily moved by using common road tractors or equivalent vehicles. It guarantees an optimal water spraying, it can be used both during the day and at night and in low visibility conditions, and does not require the presence of an available water basin nearby.

Payload Rain effect

Continuous extinguishing

Swarm configuration

Smart Farming

The applications of M.A.R.S. platform in precision farming are related to controlling parasitic infestations, monitoring the harvest, distributing fertilizers or pesticides, with proximal and remote sensing and cameras. M.A.R.S. allows each user, after a short training, to detect and spray in a safe and efficient way by means of simple and smart interventions. It reduces pesticide consumption and water waste considerably. Scalable system for limited terrain and large areas.

Agriculture Intelligence

Smart Liquid Tank

Large areas coverage

Patented Technology

The M.A.R.S. platform is a patented solution concerns the creation of a coordinated system of control and support units for drones. Said support units can have the shape and size of a common container and can be easily moved by using common road tractors or equivalent vehicles. A study developed in collaboration with the University of Genoa shows that a swarm of drones sent to the area of the fire would be able to generate the equivalent of a continuous rain.

M.A.R.S. 2500

Designed for heavy usage in industrial environment

In a 10 feet square container the M.A.R.S. MS-2500 version fulfills every industrial need for drone’s usage, able to operate H24 fully autonomous. It integrates in a single device multiple landing/take-off platform, batteries/payloads replacement and recharging system, multiple drones’ storage hive.

M.A.R.S. 1000

Conceived for middle size drones for specific applications

Easy to relocate the M.A.R.S. MS-1000 version handles middle size drones equipped with fast changing batteries and refillable cartridges. Particularly conceived for precision farming, it enables H24 spraying liquids with uniformity and precision, reducing the use of pesticide and waste of water.

M.A.R.S. 500

Light and compact, designed for small drones

Is the lightest and compact M.A.R.S. system. It is designed for small drones equipped with cameras or different sensors onboard. It is especially designed for continuous video surveillance and emergency response performing automatic landing and take-off with batteries replacement and recharging system.

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