Wildfires are a very important problem for the environment. Traditional aerial firefighting devices have some limitations about night-time usage, automation, no rain effects. The M.A.R.S. platform is specially designed to overcome all these limitations carry out missions for dropping the right quantities of retardant liquid precisely on the fire target preventing the front from expanding. It has the shape and size of a common container and can be easily moved by using common road tractors or equivalent vehicles. It guarantees an optimal water spraying, it can be used both during the day and at night and in low visibility conditions, and does not require the presence of an available water basin nearby.

Payload Rain effect

Continuous extinguishing

Swarm configuration

Main Features

  • Fast response time
  • Quick deployment
  • Scalable and redundant
  • Full unmanned system
  • Precise and resilient
  • No near water basin needed
  • No human firefighters risk
  • Water and fuel refilling system
  • 24/7 functions
  • Continuous operations
  • Rain effects
  • Fast refilling time (< 1 minute)
  • Flame and heat resistant
  • High payload capacity
  • Low operative cost

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