Inspire S.r.l. Brings Firefighting Drone Patent to Europe and the USA: A Step Forward in Innovation

Inspire S.r.l. extends its industrial patent N.102016000056273, entitled “Method and Apparatus for the Use of Drones in Fire Fighting Applications” to the European territory and to the USA. In its relentless pursuit of innovation, Inspire redefines the possibilities and uses of drones beyond their conventional boundaries. With the development of the patented project and the test of the new RAS platform called M.A.R.S. SENTINEL Inspire, a pioneer in autonomous drone servicing platform technology, has extended the applicability of patent No. 102016000056273 in Europe and the United States. This patent highlights Inspire’s dedication to redefining firefighting through innovative drone applications. The patent marks a sea change in firefighting capabilities. The ability to use drones in emergency scenarios is a breakthrough in addressing one of our society’s most pressing challenges. Traditional firefighting methods are undergoing a transformation thanks to this innovative approach, promising an increase in efficiency, safety and effectiveness.