Small Factor and Easy to Deploy and to Use

This small MARS handles drones with sensors onboard, requiring only battery replacement to assure continuity of service. The base has a fast and intelligent recharging system of substituted batteries inside still being a compact and light arrangement, ready to be set in operation in few minutes.

Simple Maintenance

Recharging Battery System

Video Surveillance

MS-500 is designed for highly automated video surveillance. It allows accurate control of extended areas in fields such as oil industry, seaports, gas and other large industrial plants. A single platform independently manages several drones. It provides continuous H24 surveillance over time without the downtime of recharging periods.

Benefits of Automation in Aerial Security

Automation technologies are fast breaking into the global security market, with rapidly growing sub-segments such as video monitoring, home surveillance with drones, border security, etc. The ability of MS-1000 to plan and execute autonomous missions and the aerial view are a major deterrent in the security context.


Equipped with lights and fumes a high number of small drones can be used to perform light spectacles. This type of night performance is setting a new era for special events assuring impressive lights impact, in substitution or together with traditional fireworks.

Emergency Response

For fast emergency response, the MS-500 can improve operator response times by sending a multiple number of drones to an emergency area and immediately understand the extent and the type of the problem. Other advantages are the compactness of the platform, which is easily transportable, and the H24 operation without latency times.

M.A.R.S. 2500

Designed for heavy usage in industrial environment

In a 10 feet square container the M.A.R.S. MS-2500 version fulfills every industrial need for drone’s usage, able to operate H24 fully autonomous. It integrates in a single device multiple landing/take-off platform, batteries/payloads replacement and recharging system, multiple drones’ storage hive.

M.A.R.S. 1000

Conceived for middle size drones for specific applications

Easy to relocate the M.A.R.S. MS-1000 version handles middle size drones equipped with fast changing batteries and refillable cartridges. Particularly conceived for precision farming, it enables H24 spraying liquids with uniformity and precision, reducing the use of pesticide and waste of water.

M.A.R.S. 500

Light and compact, designed for small drones

Is the lightest and compact M.A.R.S. system. It is designed for small drones equipped with cameras or different sensors onboard. It is especially designed for continuous video surveillance and emergency response performing automatic landing and take-off with batteries replacement and recharging system.

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