One of the features that make the MS 2500 unique is the hive capability, a housing within the platform for the storage of drones not engaged in a mission. This operation is also fully automated and does not require the intervention of an operator. The MS 2500 can house up to 5 drones.

Diversified Capacity

Quiet & Eco-friendly

No Human Intervention

Payloads Refill During Platform Operations

The system allows for the initial filling and subsequent multiple refills of drones with the appropriate firefighting liquid. It is contained in small, replaceable and dispersible containers that can be hooked and unhooked from drones by remote control to allow them to perform multiple missions.

Payload refill

Totally Automated


MS 2500 is available in three versions that respond to the different needs of users, while maintaining unaltered the size of the platform. The basic MS-2500 contains 16 cartridges and storage space for 3 drones. The MS-2500P is equipped with 74 cartridges for users with no storage needs. The MS-2500D can house up to 5 drones at the same time.

Three Configurations available


Ready to Use and to Relocate

The high automation of all its components (payload replacement, landing and take-off, automatic storage) makes the use of the MS 2500 immediate, requiring no technical knowledge from the user. Its container shape and its heavy-duty construction make it robust and maneuverable with common handling devices.

Short training

Container shape


Widland Fire Application

MS 2500 is a patented solution overcoming the main drone limitations. This paradigm shift opens up incredible opportunities in many applications. Particularly in the fight against wildfires, it allows the creation of a completely autonomous system that is able to perform fire-fighting missions for the drop of small quantities of extinguishing liquid in extended fronts. It guarantees the most important features for fighting wildfires: the continuity of service (even H24), achieved by automatic battery replacement/recharge system and fractionable extinguishing liquid.

Industrial Precision Farming

Application of precision farming techniques for controlling parasitic infestations in large areas, monitoring the harvest, distributing fertilizers or pesticides, with proximal and remote sensing and cameras. M.A.R.S. MS-2500 allows each user, after a short training, to detect and spray in a safe and efficient way by means of simple and smart interventions. It considerably minimizes pesticide consumption and waste of water thus reducing farming costs.


In the military context, drones of different types and sizes are used for transporting equipment/arms, for capturing images and videos, for surveillance and reconnaissance or delivery of weapons. While the platforms recharging drones have latency due to the recharge time / interval, MS-2500 assures a rapid battery change and an immediate operation. It also manages a variable number of drones. Each platform allows sending multiple drones to the territory of military operations, increasing the efficiency of surveillance missions and covering a larger area in less time.

Search & Rescue

Equipped with HD camera for day use and infrared camera for night vision, the MS 2500 can be installed on a patrol boat to enhance and expand the visual surveillance around it. Depending on the situation needed, several drones can be used simultaneously providing an aerial overview, useful to detect vessels in distress and for the rescue operations.

M.A.R.S. 2500

Designed for heavy usage in industrial environment

In a 10 feet square container the M.A.R.S. MS-2500 version fulfills every industrial need for drone’s usage, able to operate H24 fully autonomous. It integrates in a single device multiple landing/take-off platform, batteries/payloads replacement and recharging system, multiple drones’ storage hive.

M.A.R.S. 1000

Conceived for middle size drones for specific applications

Easy to relocate the M.A.R.S. MS-1000 version handles middle size drones equipped with fast changing batteries and refillable cartridges. Particularly conceived for precision farming, it enables H24 spraying liquids with uniformity and precision, reducing the use of pesticide and waste of water.

M.A.R.S. 500

Light and compact, designed for small drones

Is the lightest and compact M.A.R.S. system. It is designed for small drones equipped with cameras or different sensors onboard. It is especially designed for continuous video surveillance and emergency response performing automatic landing and take-off with batteries replacement and recharging system.

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